Community Service

Curiosity is what makes people reach beyond what is expected, what is ordinary, and what is comfortable to make themselves smarter, happier, more involved, and more interesting. It is what makes the world a wondrous place.

Community service has been a part of Glen Urquhart’s program since its founding in 1977. Part of our mission is to teach children to act responsibly in our community and in the world. Thus, community and environmental service occur in every grade level with each class offering service to benefit the school community as well as something to benefit those beyond our school.

Students help keep a nearby beach clean, collect food items for a local food pantry, plant and harvest vegetables at the Long Hill Farm Food Project, sponsor book drives for children in under-served areas, and record books on tape for hospitalized children.  During the holidays students honor their teachers with “snowflakes” that are purchased for $2 each.   (This is encouraged in lieu of giving presents to the teachers.)  The money goes to Beverly Bootstraps, a local charity that provides services for those in need.   The snowflakes project has raised in excess of $7,000 for Beverly Bootstraps each year.

Projects that benefit the school community include maintenance of our nature trail, recycling paper, composting leftover lunches, and keeping the school grounds clean.

Eighth Grade Work Week

The culmination of our community service program has our eighth graders participate in an extended community service activity globally, nationally, or locally. Following on a tradition begun many years ago, one group of eighth graders travel to the Caribbean or Latin America to work with children there. The students live and work in a self-sufficient community, interacting with children and volunteering in a variety of capacities. Other students may travel within the U.S. to assist with community-based projects in such locations as Washington, DC or the Navajo Nation in Arizona. A third group of students may work locally with community service organizations in the Boston area.  GUS students truly understand the responsibility they have to use their gifts to serve others.


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