Extended Day Program and GUS+

Extended Care

Students at Glen Urquhart participate in a wide variety of extra curricular activities after school. Some students are enrolled in our after school program, offered for grades K through five from 3:00-5:30. Here they have the opportunity to develop friendships within their own age groups and with children from different class levels as well. Their time at after school is unstructured, with the freedom to relax with their friends while under the supervision of a professional teacher. Children may choose to play on the playground, the basketball and four square courts, play pick up football or soccer, or engage in imaginative play on the playground structures. Indoors they play board games, draw, cook, do crafts, read, or do their homework.

Students at Glen Urquhart may also enroll in special after school enrichment classes called GUS+, that are offered throughout the school year. The topics rotate based on interest but include or have included: ballet, movie making, chess, art classes, sports, yoga, fencing, dance, and SSAT preparation. 

Music lessons are available as part of our after school program. Various instrument lessons are offered between the hours of 3:00 and 5:00 PM.

Schedules and Rates

Before School Care 

Before School Care runs from 7:30 to 8:00 each school day. It is supervised by Bruce Emerson, Athletic Director. The Before School Care Program meets in the gym in Braemar.

  • Daily Rate: $225 (one day per week for full school year)
  • Yearly Rate: $900 (five days per week for full school year)

After School Care

The After School Care Program runs from 3:00-5:30 Monday-Friday. After Care will meet in the lower school Spanish classroom. We offer a variety of activities, depending upon the interests of the children.

3:00-4:00 pm Monday-Friday for Grades K-5

When students arrive each day, they receive a snack. When weather permits, we go out to the playground for an hour of active play. Indoor activities may include computer games, arts/crafts, drawing, cooking, and board games.

  • Daily Rate: $400 (one day per week for full school year)
  • Yearly Rate: $1,700 (five days per week for full school year)

4:00-5:30 pm Monday-Friday for All Grades

Students may do homework, read, draw, use the computers, play board games, play with LEGOs, and engage in other indoor activities.

  • Daily Rate: $500 (one day per week for full school year)
  • Yearly Rate: $2,000 (five days per week for full school year)

3:00-5:30 pm Monday-Friday for all grades

  • Daily Rate: $800 (one day per week for full school year)
  • Yearly Rate: $3,400 (five days per week for full school year)

Daily Drop-in Extended Day

An occasional drop-in service is available for students who are not enrolled in before-care or after-care. The fee is $15 per hour per child or $40 maximum per family. There is a $7.50 minimum. Please notify the classroom teachers and the Director of After Care prior to the 2:30 dismissal. The best way to reach the Director is by email at sscanlan@gus.org, or you may leave a message with Cheryl Arsenault, GUS receptionist at 978-927-1064.

Early Release and P/T Conference Days

There is extended care available on noon dismissal days except for Grand Friends Day, Solstice Winter Dismissal, and the last day of school. On those days, school is dismissed at noon and no after care is available. On other noon dismissal days for faculty meetings, we do offer drop-in care at a rate of $15/hour. Please arrange child care on early release dates with the Director of After Care. On parent/teacher conference days, we provide free child care during your conference time. If you need extended care beyond your conference time, please contact the Director of After Care to make arrangements. There is a fee of $15/hour for extended care on early release days.


Specialty after school classes such as fencing, sewing, and the arts are offered every fall, winter, and spring. A list of fall GUS+ classes are coming soon. 

Click here to see a listing of GUS+ classes. 

Please click here to download GUS+ Registration Form.

Contact Information

To reach the After School Care Program after 4:00 (M-Th) and after 3:00 on Friday, you can now call cell phone number 978-816-6533. During school day hours, please continue to contact Director of After School Care Sean Scanlan and Cheryl Arsenault via the main GUS phone number, 978-927-1064, extension 136.

Sean Scanlan
Director of After School
978-927-1064, ext. 136

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