Tuition + Financial Aid


The comprehensive tuition for the 2017-2018 school year is: kindergarten: $19,900; first grade: $25,125 second and third grade: $25,500; fourth and fifth grade: $26,000; sixth and seventh grade: $29,600; and eighth grade: $32,600.

Financial Aid

Attending an independent school provides a wonderful education but also requires a substantial financial commitment from a family. An important part of the founding philosophy of Glen Urquhart School was to provide an education to children from a range of economic backgrounds. The school remains firmly committed to that value. To that end, over $1 million of tuition assistance is provided to families who have a demonstrated need. Applications for financial aid are processed by the School and Student Services for Financial Aid. The submission deadline is February 28. The SSS forms and more information regarding financial aid is available here:

School and Student Services for Financial Aid reviews each application and sends a report about the family’s economic profile to the school. The report also includes a recommendation as to what the family can afford to pay for tuition. The school makes the final decision about aid after taking into account the SSS recommendation, the school’s ability to provide aid, and the individual circumstances of each particular family. The School follows the policies below regarding financial aid applications, submission deadlines, and the necessity of providing all supporting documents. 

  • Financial aid applications and accompanying forms  (income tax) must be submitted by February 28 in order for your family to be considered for a financial aid award for the next school year.
  • If it is impossible for you to submit your most recent tax return by the deadline, please contact Mary Ellen Frechette, Director of Finance, prior to February 28 at (978) 927-1064 ext. 116 or 
  • Please confirm your intention to apply for financial aid to the Admission Director by email or written letter.

The Director of Admission Leslie Marchesseault and the Director of Finance Mary Ellen Frechette process financial aid applications. For new families, this happens in conjunction with the admission process. If a grant can be made, it will be awarded with the invitation to enroll at the school. Please contact Leslie Marchesseault at 978-927-1064, ext. 115, to inquire about financial aid.

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