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GUS alumni are people who are fascinated with the world, and individuals with whom the world is fascinated.

As proud as we are of what our students accomplish at our school, we are just as proud of who they become. GUS graduates are extremely motivated learners who pursue their interests with curiosity and passion. They take on leadership roles in academics, athletics, the arts, and community service. Beyond secondary school and college, Glen Urquhart School alumni build innovative and successful careers and contribute to their communities around the world. Read some of the profiles of GUS alumni that have appeared in recent issues of The Tartan Magazine.

Anthony Atamanuik ’90

Anthony Atamanuik ’90 might very well be on his way to becoming one of Glen Urquhart School’s most famous alumnus. The GUS grad is the creator and star of the recently debuted The President Show on Comedy Central, and he’s been writing, performing, and producing comedy for over twenty years.… Read full article.

Simone Salvo ’04 

GUS alumna Simone Salvo ’04, the daughter of artist and GUS art teacher Dawn Southworth, taking after her mother, is established in the art world. She currently manages communications and operations at the Magnum Foundation, a nonprofit organization expanding creativity and diversity in documentary photography. Through grantmaking and collaborative programming, she helps socially engaged image-makers activate new models for impactful storytelling…. Read full article.

Andrew Smith ’90

Andrew understood early the importance of combining business skills with environmental sustainability goals. After graduation, he took a position with a private consulting firm and did economic development work in 10 countries, spending time in Latin America, Eastern Europe and Asia. He then attended Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth College to earn an MBA, already committed to the idea of starting a green technology company. A few months into his MBA program, Andrew launched ATDynamics, Inc., committed to the task of improving the aerodynamics of semi-trailers used to ship freight worldwide. Andrew and his colleagues invented TrailerTails®, an innovative and ingenious device to improve fuel economy by reducing the aerodynamic drag generated at the rear of semi-trailers…. Read full article.

John Swansburg ’92

 John Swansburg, GUS ’92, Phillips Andover ’96, Yale ’00, wrote his college thesis on Edmund Spencer’s 16th century Faerie Queene, a far cry from his current work as Deputy Editor of, one of the world’s premier online culture and news magazines. But even in his college days, Swansburg knew he wanted to go into the magazine world of long form writing and editing, though he may not have envisioned himself in the digital age…. Read full article.

Catherine “Cassie” Rotman ’00

Cassie Rotman ’00 first became interested in space when her kindergarten class transformed a refrigerator box into a rocket ship. She was hooked. From then on, every project and book report allowed was on the topic of space travel. Famous person report topic? John Glenn. Fifth grade research project? Space…. Read full article.

 Anna Solomon Greenbaum ’90

Anna Solomon Greenbaum ’90, author of the acclaimed novels, The Little Bride and Leaving Lucy Pearalways knew she wanted to write, though she wasn’t sure what form her writing would take. In fact, it was not until after college at Brown University that she began to write fiction seriously. It was then that she moved back home to Gloucester for a year to waitress and attend workshops at GrubStreet, a creative writing center in Boston…. Read full article.

Jack Gould ’11

Jack Gould ’11, a current Middlebury College All-American lacrosse player, says that he developed his love of athletics and learning during his time at Glen Urquhart. “I had only played lacrosse for maybe one or two years before coming to GUS, but being able to play at Glen Urquhart definitely helped me grow as a player and as a person. Athletics overall at GUS had a huge impact on my life, as well my overall school experience. It prepared me for prep school life and instilled values in me that I will never forget.” Read full article.

Anna Cabot ’95

Anna Cabot ’95 is the William R. Davis Clinical Teaching Fellow in the Asylum and Human Rights Clinic at University of Connecticut School of Law where her students represent refugees who have fled from persecution and are seeking asylum in the United States.

As Anna describes her initial post-college plans, she envisioned a very different life, one pursuing theoretical physics as a professor at a liberal arts school in a “cute” college town. In fact, after graduating from Amherst College, she was awarded a Fulbright to pursue her studies for a year in the south of India, in Chennai (also known as Madras), at the Institute of Mathematical Sciences…. Read full article.

David Blatt ’00

Anyone who attended a GUS dance DJ’d by David Blatt and his brother, Josh, won’t be surprised to learn that David has pursued a life in business and entrepreneurship. Even as an eighth grader, David was buying sound equipment and scheduling gigs, first at GUS, then at Pingree, launching his first business when barely 14 years old…. Read full article.

Katherine “Kate” Wolkoff ’90

Kate Wolkoff ’90 is both an art photographer and a commercial photographer. Her work has been in shows at Sasha Wolf Gallery, Danziger Projects, the New York Photo Festival and Women in Photography. Her photographs are included in the collections of the Addison Gallery of Art, the Norton Museum of Art and the Yale University Library, and have been featured in Aperture, Twice, and Frieze. Her advertising clients include Novartis, Nuepro, Dell, Gold Peak Tea, Steuben Glass, Sharp, Black Rock and Jack Spade. Her editorial work includes assignments for The New York Times Magazine, Real Simple, More, New York, The New Yorker, Newsweek, Time, Bon Appetit, Travel and Leisure, Martha Stewart, Paper, and Monocle, among many others…. Read full article.

Ben Glickstein ’01

Ben Glickstein ’01 jokingly sees bagpipes and kilts as the “through-line” in his education. From GUS to Waring to Macalester College, both Scottish traditions were prominent at his commencements. While that may be true, the truly important through line for Ben was what each school taught him about the importance of learning about people, contributing to the public good, and building sustainable cities…. Read full article.

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