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Support + Enrichment

"When you plant lettuce, if it does not grow well, you don't blame the lettuce. You look for reasons it is not doing well. It may need fertilizer, or more water, or less sun. You never blame the lettuce." -Thich Nhat Hanh

Through collaboration, conversation, and hands-on experiences within a challenging curriculum, GUS students become active learners who understand the meaning and purpose of what they are doing. They also grow to understand their individual learning styles—their strengths, their challenges, what they are passionate about, and where they have the potential and opportunity to lead.

The curriculum at Glen Urquhart is robust and rigorous. At times, all students may benefit from additional support. Glen Urquhart's Academic Support Team is designed to assist students when they need help accessing the GUS curriculum.  Partnering with parents, teachers, and students, the Academic Support Team works to help each student realize his/her full academic potential.  Two academic support coordinators, one in the lower school and one in the upper school, help arrange tutoring, educational testing, and classroom accommodations. In addition to the academic support coordinators, the team consists of the lower school and upper school directors, the math coordinator, and teachers. This team regularly reviews the needs of our students and adjusts student support accordingly.


We assess students in a variety of ways, to monitor their reading, their phonological awareness and phonics skills, their reading comprehension and fluency, and their math skills.

Fountas and Pinnell

Grades K - 4: Reading assessment, given 2-3 times a year.

Grades 5 - 8: Reading assessment, given as needed.

Educational Records Bureau (ERB)

Grades 4 - 8: Comprehensive Testing Program (CTP), once a year.

Grades 4 - 8: Writing Assessment Program (WrAP)

DIBELS (Dynamic Indicators of Basic Early Literacy Skills)

Grades K - 2: Phonological Awareness and Phonics skills

Grades 3 - 5: Daze, assesses reading comprehension and fluency.

In math, a school-wide, year end assessment developed by the GUS math department is given to all students.

In-School Support

Support staff and classroom teachers all provide support as needed. The academic support staff may assist the teachers in differentiating the language arts instruction as well as work with small groups of students on writing and reading. The math support staff pulls small groups of students who may need reinforcement of skills as well as support for classroom work. A structured study hall is offered to fourth and fifth grade students who may need some time at school to complete assignments. The study hall is monitored by GUS teachers. In grades six through eight, there is scheduled time each week for students to meet with individual teachers. Students requiring extra math instruction may take math lab, which reinforces the concepts being taught in their math class.

Math Lab

Math Lab is offered to seventh and eighth students who benefit from additional practice and review of math concepts presented in pre-algebra and algebra. This class is an addition to regular math class and is taught in a small class setting (4- 6 students), allowing students opportunities to hear explanations, ask questions, and practice skills with more individualized attention.  In addition, students have opportunities to review previous material, preview new material before it is taught in class, and practice additional relevant math topics. This program is unique to GUS.

Math Enrichment

The math coordinator dedicates part of her week to offer enrichment and support in the lower school. In grades kindergarten through fifth grade, classroom teachers utilize this support to offer students challenging work where they can explore more deeply the topics covered in their math class or have the opportunity to review a topic or procedure they are finding more challenging in a smaller group setting.  These groups can vary from week to week and topic to topic based on the classroom teacher’s assessment of the students’ understanding and progress.

Johns Hopkins University

For students who excel in mathematics and have demonstrated an ability to succeed beyond our standard curriculum, we offer enrollment in Johns Hopkins University's Center for Talented Youth.  Students are placed in this program based on their performance on a placement test administered by Johns Hopkins, students’ scores on a standardized tests, and demonstrated ability to work independently as well as strong work habits in the GUS Mathematics Program.  

Independent Tutoring

Parents may choose to hire an independent tutor for after school tutoring. Support coordinators assist parents in finding the right tutor for the student, and if the tutoring will occur on campus, they find space for the instructor and student. The academic support coordinator works with the teachers to communicate goals, needs, and other support related information with the tutors. We work with many professional tutors who are familiar with the GUS curriculum and can provide support in any academic area as well as with executive functioning skills.

FleX Fun Week

A new initiative begun in 2018 is FleX Fun Week in Lower School. For a full week, all regular classes ceased and students participated in week-long mini courses. Each student will be able to choose from a list of courses which will run for 2 ½ hours, for four days. On Fridays, students had an opportunity for each course's group to share and celebrate student work.