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Admission Process

Meet the Team

Director of Admission Kristie Gonzalez and Admission Associate Emily Rabinowitz-Buchanan welcome you to GUS with a goal of finding the best educational fit for your child and your family. 

You will put a lot of thought and energy towards considering what school is the best fit for your child. Hopefully, the time you spend on campus and in classrooms, meeting teachers, and asking questions of your own will be helpful and informative. Our program can be described as academically rigorous, but that rigor reflects the value we place on collaboration, creativity, communication, and innovation in the classroom. Through a progressive approach to teaching and learning, we encourage students to apply learned skills to identify and solve new problems as opposed to repeating facts and figures. Your child will be known, loved, and appropriately challenged within this environment.

We believe in and work to foster an authentic partnership between home and school in order to best serve our students. Consistent communication and shared strategy are key elements to making this partnership work well. In addition, we feel that a good school is as valuable to parents and caregivers as it is to students. To that end, we offer consistent opportunities for parent education and collaboration, and we welcome parent involvement in a variety of volunteer capacities.  At the end of the day, it is the overall comfort level and “fit” of a school that matters most. If you can imagine your child being happy and well-served in a particular environment, and if that environment feels right on an intuitive level, it is generally a very good indicator of the right choice.

Admissions Process

Our application process differs slightly depending on the grade for which you're applying. Choose a grade below and follow the numbered steps for the entire process.

Admission Forms

All required admission forms are posted on the website. They can be viewed and downloaded after registering and applying online here. Please contact Director of Admission, Kristie Gonzalez, if you have mailed in your application rather than applied online, or if you would like to have the forms emailed to you directly. The forms that must be completed are due to the school by January 31 and are as follows:

  • Student Evaluation Form–completed by the child’s current teacher
  • Transcript Release–signed permission form delivered to the school for permanent records to be sent to GUS
  • Parent Questionnaire–completed by parents and returned to GUS
  • Permission to Contact Current Teacher/Visit School–signed by parent and returned to GUS allowing us to contact your child’s current teacher 

Kindergarten + First Grade

Candidates for kindergarten should be five by September 1 of the year he/she will enroll. Families with children applying for kindergarten or first grade will join us for a two-hour play group in January or February. Once we receive your application, we will contact you to schedule a screening play group. Children spend time with other applicants in the kindergarten classroom and will be involved in an informal game-like screening process geared to assess developmental readiness for either the kindergarten or first grade. The screening includes subsets on speech and articulation, fine and gross motor control, and cognitive work with numbers and letters. While the play group meets, parents will chat with the head of school and director of lower school. 

Grades 2-4

We invite students applying to second through fifth grade to visit the school for a day in January or February. Students will visit in the grade in which they are currently enrolled. Once we receive your application, we will contact you to schedule a visit. The day visit offers each student the opportunity to learn more about Glen Urquhart School and allows us to learn about your child, both personally and academically. During the visit, students will participate in the activities of the day and also work individually with teachers to demonstrate their skills in math, writing, and reading. The children’s visit will be from 8:10 to 2:45. 

Grades 5-8

We invite students applying to fifth through eighth grades to visit the school for a day in January or February. Once we receive your application, we will contact you to schedule a visit. The visit offers each student the opportunity to learn more about Glen Urquhart and allows us to learn about your child. Students will visit the grade in which they are currently enrolled. Students will spend approximately two hours at the school, completing assessments in reading, writing, math, and language arts. The assessments are designed by our faculty to evaluate the student’s skill and academic level and their ability to be successful at Glen Urquhart School.

Students should also take the Independent School Entrance Exam (ISEE) at any of the local testing sites, or students may take the ISEE at Glen Urquhart School on Saturday February 3, 2017 at 8:30 a.m. GUS will also be an accommodation site. Accommodations must be pre-approved by ISEE/ERB. We will offer: extended time 50%, large print test, written answers in the test booklet, use of calculator (provided by the family). Please register your child to take the ISEE. Applicants must submit ISEE scores. Applicants can take the ISEE or you can register online. * Please note that you must supply our school’s test code 222698 in order for us to receive your scores.

Visit Day: Admission Office will contact families to attend one of the scheduled visit days and one of the scheduled testing days.  


Financial Aid

Glen Urquhart School has a strong financial aid program. Families may apply for financial aid on the NAIS (National Association of Independent Schools) web site through School and Student Services ( All applications are made online, and the deadline is February 28. Please click here for more information on financial aid.

Admission Decisions

In the process of building a class, the admission committee looks at the applicant using the following criteria: academic abilities, skill levels, maturity, classroom personality, and social skills. The overall composition of the class may determine the appropriateness of each applicant, even sibling applicants. Effort is made to keep a balance of boys and girls in each class.

Qualified sibling candidates are given priority. Glen Urquhart School strives to be a family school where children can find success. In the majority of cases this is possible, but sibling priority does not ensure admission for every member of a family. 

GUS will mail admission decisions on March 10. Where appropriate, financial aid decisions will be included in that mailing. Families must submit a signed enrollment contract and deposit to GUS by April 10 to reserve a place for the fall.