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When you are faced with choosing between a school with rigorous academics, a proprietary math curriculum, and one that grows fresh produce for food pantries, don't.

At Glen Urquhart, we believe in challenging the status quo in pre-K to grade eight education. We believe in the power of curiosity, making mistakes, asking questions to find solutions, working with others to achieve greatness, and working as individuals for the greater good. We believe in being yourself, building each other up from the inside out, exploring beyond the classroom walls, and thinking outside the box. We believe that changing the world with ideas starts in kindergarten.

Glen Urquhart School is a leader in education. Ahead of its time, the GUS program was founded on an experiential, place-based philosophy that integrated all subjects and created opportunities for students to be seekers and leaders in their pursuit of knowledge. At the center of our strong and challenging academic program today is the student—and the excitement of discovery. Students are offered multiple ways to access learning through traditional methods as well as innovative activities and projects that promote conversation and deeper thinking. Today’s research confirms what we’ve known since GUS began. Students need to use both sides of their brain to tackle challenging problems. Knowledge from different disciplines needs to be synthesized, because one discipline informs another. Our students learn their math facts and grammar rules. They study two world languages, learn how to write a clear and convincing essay, and test complex scientific theories. And at GUS, the path our students take is different. It involves high expectations and deep layers of connection. Students apply their understanding in imaginative, intricate, and powerful ways. Our hands-on approach to the academic curriculum—from field trips to lively debates and theme-based projects—ensures that knowledge stays with students for a lifetime.

We also know that students thrive best when they receive intellectual challenge and emotional support in a caring environment. At Glen Urquhart, we are deliberate about providing a structure for healthy emotional and social growth that promotes strong relationships and a positive self-image so that students can concentrate on their learning and reach their academic potential.

At GUS, learning is fun. We hope you have fun learning about Glen Urquhart School and finding the best education and community for your child.