EXPLORE@GUS Adult Art Classes

Creative Relaxation Series

Creative relaxation is about utilizing artistic techniques and processes to disengage from daily stress, finding a moment of quiet, and recharging the mind. Some artistic processes are inherently unpredictable freeing you from any preconceived outcomes and allowing the joy that comes simply from creating something. Other artistic processes may be meditative in nature because of their scale, repetitive elements or patterns or ability to be explored in as little or as much time as you are able to spare. With repeated exploration time for creative activity may actually become more available; as a result of making space for art you may be more focused and productive in other areas of your life.


Facilitator: Margaurita Spear

Margaurita Spear is a fine artist and art educator holding a BFA from Montserrat College of Art and a MA state teaching certification. She has taught a number of courses and workshops around the North Shore as well as at state conferences. She is currently the lower school art teacher at GUS.

Please contact Marguarita with any questions.