Q+A With Alex Levin '03


Alex Levin ‘03
Upper School Science Teacher

University of Vermont, B.A., Environmental Studies + Green Building and Community Design
Lesley University, M.Ed, Secondary Education

What is your most memorable moment as a GUS student?
It is hard to pinpoint one specific moment for me. I am lucky to remain close with a big group of friends from our graduating class of 2003, including Ware Cady, Josh Blatt, Dylan Comb, and Sam Grody, as well as a few 2005 grads (Rachel Levin and Lisa Hoopes). A few random memories that stick out: marching around the soccer field with Penny Randolph to memorize the Vagabond Song, reaching a 9-0 record in soccer, the first undefeated boys soccer season at GUS, Camp William Lawrence, NYC trip, and 7th & 8th grade hikes.

How do you feel GUS prepared you for high school and beyond?
I learned to enjoy all elements of school at GUS-social, academic, athletic, etc. I learned a lot about interacting with adults and preparing for what might come next in life. I was certainly prepared for the next step academically but also as a citizen. 

Why did you become a teacher?
I’ve always loved to learn. After coaching sailing and directing a sailing program as a summer job, I realized that interacting with kids and sharing passions to learn something new to them was exciting. I continue to enjoy the transition to a more formal classroom setting. 

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What brought you back to GUS?
After working at Berwick Academy as a middle school math and science teacher for 2 years, I started exploring options that would bring me closer to home, here on the north shore. When I learned about the opportunity at GUS I was excited knowing about the school’s passion for the environment and emphasis on using and learning about the outdoors. Being back on campus reminded me how much I enjoyed learning as a middle schooler, and that is something I am excited to be able to help students realize this year (and beyond!) at GUS. So far, it has been great to be back on the GUS campus. Some things look the same, others look different (the new US), and it will be great to collaborate and work together with the US students at GUS.

Being back on campus, what strikes you as familiar or new at GUS?
There are fortunately and excitingly a few familiar faces here at GUS. It took a bit of getting used to calling Mr. E a colleague! The culture of developing students into skilled individuals who are prepared to leave GUS for the bigger world remains the same, as well as the connection to outdoor education and learning beyond the classroom. The new US building is awesome and fits in well with the surrounding buildings.

What are you most excited about for this school year?
Working with a group of enthusiastic teachers who all bring different experiences and outlooks to work towards a common goal.

When you’re not teaching at GUS, where are we most likely to find you