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The Tartan (Alumni Magazine)

The Tartan is your GUS Alumni magazine!

If you have fond memories of exploding miniature volcanoes, towering Lilliputian skyscrapers, scaling high above ground on the ropes of a sailing vessel, writing poetry in what now looks like Elvish in your black book, staying up until dawn to put the finishing touches on your biography scrapbook, or trudging through New York City’s neighborhoods with your entire class, you must be a GUS alum. If you want to know more about upcoming alumni or campus events, please contact Martha Delay at 978-927-1064 ext. 117 or Catch up on the 40 + Forward all-school reunion at GUS on June 8 + 9, 2018.

Follow Glen Urquhart School's Facebook page for updates and to join the GUS Alumni Group. Many of your friends have already joined and our connections are growing every day. Check out our Instagram posts for campus imagery and events. Be sure to update your contact information to receive future copies of The Tartan!

The Tartan Fall 2018 
Watch the videos of the Class of 2018 Evening with the Graduates and June 13, 2018 Graduation Exercises.

The Tartan Fall/Winter 2017   
The Tartan Summer 2017

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