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We leave it all on the field, yet carry it with us for the rest of our lives.

Physical education and interscholastic sports are vital to fostering well-being, collaboration, and a readiness for competition. For that reason, they are woven into the fabric of the Glen Urquhart program throughout all grades. GUS students compete in soccer, cross-country, track and field, basketball, and lacrosse, acquiring the physical and mental foundation to become valuable players, captains, and All-Americans on high school and college teams.

Students in kindergarten through grade five have regular classes in physical education where they develop the skills and attitudes necessary to enjoy both team and individual sports. We believe that physical education classes enhance health and well-being and provide valuable opportunities for both collaboration and competition.

During 6th grade students learn and participate in soccer, basketball and lacrosse, including a schedule of games with other schools. In 7th & 8th grades students participate in competitive team sports against a number of local independent schools. 

Both boys and girls play soccer or run cross country in the fall, play basketball or participate in a fitness class in the winter, and play lacrosse, field and track, or intramural sports in the spring. 

We strive to be competitive and to do our best in games, while the emphasis is on participation rather than winning.

Each upper school student is expected to participate in a sport each season and to play in each game. We believe that developing physical skills, doing one’s best, and supporting other members of the team, whether in victory or defeat, are important life-long lessons.