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Exhibits on View

We are all about connections. Between science and history. English and art. And our students and the world.

Glen Urquhart School has two art galleries that are open to the public and have rotating student and professional exhibits. The Johnson Gallery, in the lower school, and the Upper School Art Gallery exhibit contemporary art in all media by emerging, mid-career, and established artists from the northeast and nationally, helping to expose our students to the art being made in their lifetime. Our exhibition programs reflect a broad range of twentieth century ideas that are interwoven throughout the curriculum. All exhibitions are open to the public and serve our wider community on the North Shore. Please check in with the school receptionist in the lower school, during regular school hours, to obtain access.

All of the art on display is available for purchase. Twenty percent of the proceeds go to support the financial aid fund at the school. Please contact Dawn Southworth, upper school Art Teacher at or 978-927-1064 ext.109 for more information.



Upper School:  Kathryn Geismar, Legends and Myths

"For the past several years my work has explored images that hold a mystery: children jump to impossible heights, clouds and waves portend something elusive.  The series "Beautiful Disaster" looks at the Deepwater Horizon oil spill that began on April 20, 2010 in the Gulf of Mexico.  This series explores these images in a personal way, trying to make sense of the damage to our planet and the role of art in creating beauty and meaning in the shadow of tragic human error.  My most recent series, "Aftermath," explores the process of becoming well after an illness.  I wanted to depict the disorienting nature of being ill -- when ones’ world is no longer within the bounds of what was once normal. Underneath each painting are different journal entries written during my recent treatment and recovery for cancer.  These words become the background for the narrative arc of each painting.  My hope is that results are not morbid or brooding, but rather an exploration of an emotional journey and a celebration of life." Learn more about Kathryn Geismar at


Johnson Gallery, Lower School: Judy Robinson Cox, Lilliputian Landscapes

"Lilliputian Landscapes are unadulteraed photographs of tiny 3/4" high figures that I pose on landscapes made from food or common objects. I hope they make you smile and brighten your day!" Learn more about Judy Robinson Cox at