Welcome to GUS!

A Glen Urquhart School education has always involved exploration, challenge, and discovery, and has encouraged students to be brave, to reach high, and to always value the journey. Our school began with a vision of what school could be and should be, and today we remain dedicated to that purpose. The Glen Urquhart School program is built on the intersection of place-based experiences, academic skill development, and social-emotional learning brought together and developed through our spiraling, thematic curriculum. Couple our unique academic program with a caring and compassionate community and you have an education that is distinctively “GUS.”

In the spring of 2010, Glen Urquhart School captured my heart and it is a great privilege to lead this fine school. There are so many reasons to be proud of our small school: the warm community, the 23 acre campus, and our progressive teaching approach allow us to provide a unique learning environment that brings out the best in every child. As an educator and a GUS parent, I am confident that a GUS education provides students with meaningful opportunities to learn and grow in a setting that inspires confidence, builds character, and leads to real academic success. When students can see challenge as fun, achievement gets pushed to new heights. Great things happen at GUS and, most importantly, GUS students love coming to school!

This is an exciting time to be at GUS. While we remain committed to creating a program that is child-centered, as the world around us evolves, so do we. With a new strategic plan that charts a course for institutional growth, we are proud of where we have been and where we are going. Whether it is our dedicated faculty who are committed to making sure every child feels known, a thematic curriculum that allows for rich interdisciplinary learning, and a place-based teaching pedagogy that takes advantage of our beautiful location and taps into a child’s natural sense of curiosity and wonder, there are so many reasons to love GUS. There is no doubt, this is what a child’s education should be.

So, as we encourage our students to do, we hope you will take advantage of every opportunity to explore GUS. Whether you are a new family, an interested educator, or an alum, peruse our website, tour our campus, visit our classes, or sign your child up for one of our many extracurricular opportunities after school or during the summer. Come see what could be. Come see what continues to make GUS such a special place.


Gretchen Forsyth P ‘25, 27
Interim Head of School