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Posted on Monday, May 1, 2017
[video:] Glen Urquhart School takes pride in the traditions and special events that stem from its philosophy and heritage. May Day, an all-school celebration of spring, is one of those treasured traditions. On May Day each year, students create flower baskets to share with neighbors, and the eighth graders perform a traditional Maypole Dance. [view:gallery=embed_1=1195]
Posted on Thursday, April 27, 2017
  Occasionally, on Facebook, I come across some pretty interesting articles shared by parents and educators. A few weeks ago, I came across one titled, “25 Questions to Ask Your Kid after School.” Willing to give it a try, that night I asked one of my boys, “What was the funniest thing that happened today?” He paused in what he was doing, looked at me, and said, “Huh, that’s a good one. Let me think about it.” This led not only to a great... Read More
Posted on Thursday, April 27, 2017
GUS alumna Simone Salvo ’04, the daughter of artist and GUS art teacher Dawn Southworth, taking after her mother, is established in the art world. She currently manages communications and operations at the Magnum Foundation, a nonprofit organization expanding creativity and diversity in documentary photography. Through grantmaking and collaborative programming, she helps socially engaged image-makers activate new models for impactful storytelling. Salvo explains, “I wear a lot of... Read More
Posted on Thursday, April 27, 2017
Author Anne Sibley O’Brien Parent Coffee Thursday, April 27 8:30 a.m. – 9:30 a.m. Nance Room, Upper School Guest of GUS Diversity Committee   Please join us for a parent and faculty coffee in the Nance Assembly Room, 8:30 a.m. – 9:30 a.m. Download Book Order Form here.   “My career creating multicultural children’s books is a direct response to my childhood in Korea, which kindled in me a fascination for the beauty and... Read More
Posted on Thursday, April 20, 2017
The Colden family enjoyed an incredible experience over March break, traveling to Cuba so sixth grader Sofia and eighth grader Olivia could perform in the play Terezin: Children of the Holocaust. The play tells the story of six children imprisoned in a cell in a concentration camp during the last two days before they are transported to Auschwitz. Kristen and Daryl Colden shared their reactions. “The experience was unbelievable,” Daryl said. “It seemed as if the people... Read More
Posted on Thursday, April 13, 2017
  I’m passionate about what I do. I am guessing that many of you have realized that from my bulletin pieces, and hopefully, from daily interactions. I’m optimistic, idealistic, and to those who know me best, sentimental—maybe even borderline corny. Perhaps, most importantly, I am always sincere. It is hard for me to think about my students, or education in general, and not be moved. When I watched the Dance Anywhere video, I got that warm, fuzzy feeling and... Read More
Posted on Thursday, April 13, 2017
[video:] In theme, second graders worked in pairs to research different types of homes around the world. They brought their findings to theme art and created houses in town settings, using a variety of materials and techniques to make their models as realistic as possible. Then they applied coding and design skills to program Bee-Bots to successfully maneuver through their 3D towns. They invited the first grade to “tour” their towns. The first graders... Read More
Posted on Friday, April 7, 2017
[video:] Dance Anywhere 2017 ( is a simultaneous worldwide live public art performance that happens every year. Last year, people stopped to dance in 7 continents, 66 countries, and 714 cities. This year, the dance took place on Friday, March 31, at 3:00 p.m. EST. At GUS, we celebrate this global event by gathering and dancing as a community. Last Friday at 3:00 p.m., the students, faculty, and staff gathered in front of the upper school... Read More
Posted on Thursday, April 6, 2017
Glen Urquhart rightly has a reputation as an environmentally aware school. The appreciation and study of nature was part of the founding vision of GUS, as well as the understanding that the power of the outdoors is as valuable as any traditional classroom. Children are outside every day at GUS, rain or shine. They constantly explore the nature trail and even farther afield. But beyond that, do we walk the walk?  A parent recently challenged me on that question, and it made me inventory... Read More
Posted on Thursday, April 6, 2017
Can eighth graders assemble a giant puzzle...blindfolded?  These are just a few of the challenges students faced in life skills over the past week. Teamwork, communication, and collaboration have always been fostered at GUS, but to prepare for service week, eighth graders truly need to work with others and more. What set of skills does one depend on in an unfamiliar environment? How might students rely on classmates in a new way? How might students support classmates when the... Read More