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Parents Association

All parents are part of the PA!

The Parents Association (PA) of Glen Urquhart School is an organization of parent volunteers dedicated to fostering communication between, and support for, the administration, faculty, students, and parents. It enables families to actively participate in their children’s education through coordinated efforts that support the educational program. Email us at

September 12: Parents Association "Kick-off" Meeting 

September 12: Bre-Anne Brandt "Power of Positive Thought"
Book recommendation: "The Yes Brain"

November 7: Gretchen Forsyth and GUS Faculty "Civility" video
"Our Civility Initiative: GUS Student Life Program" handout 


February 6: "Supporting All Learners"  

A big thank you to Pam McCoy, Lower School Academic Support, Courtney Anastasia-Murphy, Upper School Academic Support, and Maureen Twombly, Math Coordinator for the wonderful presentation.The team shared positive tips for parents to support children at home. The important message was building confidence as children learn and discover.

A few of Pam McCoy's strategies included establishing a family reading time, reading books your children are reading to facilitate discussions about the book, explore books that interest your child, and explore a range of magazines and books on tape. Read the handout.

Maureen Twombly emphasized the importance of positive thinking about Math and reminded, "Emphasize you can do it! Being good at math is all about working hard. Math is never about speed - take your time. Even if you found math difficult refrain from sharing this with your child- it sends a mixed message. Math is about the process and not memorizing. Speak to your child's teacher about math; as parents we were taught to memorize. Don't tell your child an answer is wrong, rather, look for the logic in their work. Read the handout.

Courtney Anastasia-Murphy shared information about the organization of time, materials, and information. The organization of time looks at planning how long to plan for tasks. Look at how your plan worked or road blocks such as "Time Thieves." Pictures of desks, backpacks, and rooms organized help children follow the plan. Plan a weekly family organization time. Explore assignment notebooks to help children manage information.  Break tasks into steps and make a plan.



April 10 - Topic to be announced

At Glen Urquhart School, parents are our partners in the education of students. Every day, parents are involved in a number of ways. For example, parents support GUS as:

  • Volunteers in the classroom and library,
  • Chaperones on experiential trips,
  • Members of the PA, working on committees for events,
  • Experts on various topics giving presentations to classes or the whole school,
  • Production assistants and costume coordinators for school performances.

This active Parents Association at GUS raises funds to support the financial aid budget and teacher directed projects, works with volunteers to support the faculty and classroom projects, and organizes social events to help foster a sense of community among school families. Each homeroom has two room parents who also serve as representatives to the PA Executive Committee. Teachers work with room parents to organize support for field trips, class parties, and other activities. There is generally one Parents Association meeting a month during the school year, and all parents are encouraged to attend them.

PA Executive Committee  

Deirdre Patch, President                    
Krisie Brown, Vice President
Lucy Loring, Secretary                     
Tamah French, Secretary and PA Representative to the Board of Trustees