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Pre-K Program

Children learn best in classrooms that extend beyond four walls into the surrounding world.

We begin the year in Pre-K with one priority that stands above all else, which is to build relationships with the children. With strong relationships providing a solid foundation, we can develop a warm, collaborative, and dynamic classroom community, where each child’s passions will be nurtured, and their love of learning will grow. Children are seen as individuals and are given opportunities to follow their instincts and direct their learning. At the same time, we provide the teacher guidance, structure, and challenges that children need to thrive and grow as learners.

Throughout the year, children will engage in inquiry-based learning activities and thematic investigations that are sparked through authentic experiences, both in our classroom and across our 23-acre campus. In keeping with the GUS place-based approach, the Pre-K curriculum will weave all of the GUS themes into our studies over the course of the year.

In the fall, our focus will be on exploring the following themes: The World Around Us, Who Am I?, and Where Do I Live, Where Am I Going?

In the winter months, we will work with the children to let their particular interests, passions, and questions lead the way for a thematic investigation of their own design, developed collaboratively between the children and the teachers.

In the spring, our focus will turn towards thematic study of The Sea, The Land, and The People, before culminating in a return to the themes of Who Am I? and Where Do I Live, Where Am I Going?

The development of social-emotional, physical, artistic, scientific, language, and mathematical skills and concepts will be integrated into the thematic curriculum. Children will also have opportunities to develop these skills and concepts through independent work with hands-on classroom materials and through small-group teacher-led activities. Our skilled teachers will lead morning and afternoon activities that include whole and small-group meetings and thematic investigations, and will facilitate classroom work times, and outdoor play and exploration, that allow for both independent and teacher-led learning opportunities.

Read more about the GUS Pre-K classroom and learning areas at the link below, and view a sample schedule.