At GUS, Children become academically ready to meet the challenges of their wildest dreams, and wise enough to follow them.

We believe in children working hard, challenging their intellects, and preparing for the top high schools, colleges, and careers. We also know that academic rigor must exist in a community that encourages taking risks, values collaboration, fosters leadership, honors every child’s experience, and emphasizes the power and responsibility each student has in the world.

It’s not a matter of one or the other. It’s a matter of one and the other.

It takes innovative teachers, a challenging academic curriculum, theme-based interdisciplinary learning, a strong social/emotional curriculum, and every inch of our 23-acre campus.

And, Not Or. This is GUS.

Our Academic Perspective

Ask any of today’s educational leaders (as well as the world’s top universities and employers) and you’ll hear what we have always known: in today’s world, people need to be able to use both sides of their brain and synthesize knowledge across many disciplines.

What does that mean for our children? It means a strong academic foundation is essential, but not nearly enough. Our program is built on posing questions, making meaning, and solving problems creatively. How does one discipline inform another? Where do literature, science, mathematics, language, music, art, and history intersect? This integration is the very essence of our interdisciplinary curriculum.

In addition to learning how subjects relate to each other, children discover how they, as students, relate to learning. No classroom project is complete until our students have reflected on what they learned, where they struggled, and how they soared. Understanding how they learn propels GUS students to develop their own thinking and articulate what they know about both the curriculum and themselves.

What you might notice first about GUS is our open campus, with nature trails winding through our 23 acres, or our expansive windows that keep every classroom connected to the outside world. This connection between facilities and the natural environment is no accident. The evolution of Glen Urquhart reflects a commitment to creating a school where children love learning because they are engaged physically, intellectually, and emotionally. Part of that mission involves erasing the boundaries between the classroom and the world around us. 

Our curriculum is DISTINCT in many ways.

  • Our program is designed for the appropriate DEVELOPMENTAL stages of our students.

  • Math, science, reading, writing, and the arts are INTEGRATED, creating a multi-disciplinary approach.

  • Subject studies SPIRAL, so that what is learned in previous grades is built on and expanded in successive grades.

  • Our focus is THEMATIC, each grade spending the entire year on a subject that relates to themselves and their world.

  • We know each child is truly unique.  Our program is INDIVIDUALIZED to meet different learning styles, levels of understanding, and needs.

  • Each child is NURTURED intellectually and emotionally.  In turn, each child is encouraged and expected to nurture the natural environment.

  • Kids are our first and foremost concern — their health, happiness, and development.  We are truly CHILD-CENTERED in mission and in how we think about school, teaching, and community.

  • We are THOROUGH.  Our students learn the basics, but their education doesn’t stop there.  They must learn to use their knowledge to solve problems and to think critically, to be innovative, creative and productive in all they do.  This is what makes a Glen Urquhart education DISTINCT.

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