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“GUS grads have the core qualities for success in any field.  The relationships with teachers and staff provide both respect and a level of comfort with adults, which foster critical mentor relationships in high school and college.  And GUS’s open-minded approach encourages students to seek out their own goals.  That is a powerful combination when put together with GUS’s solid academic preparedness and can set one up for success in anything, from the arts to finance.  Our alumni represent that rich mix.  I am happy to drop my son, a 3rd grader at GUS, on my way to work, confident that he is gathering the skills and qualities that will allow him to have his own successful journey through life.” - Louis Somma '89, P '23

From the very beginning, Glen Urquhart School has purposefully nurtured an energetic, dedicated, diverse, and generous community that encourages a culture of active involvement in and service to the life and well-being of the school.  

We encourage parents and volunteers to find roles that benefit the students, their teachers, and their schedules. The roles parents engage in range from leadership on the board of trustees, to one-time volunteer opportunities like our spring campus cleanup day, or roles with predictable schedules like volunteering in a classroom or on a field trip, to helping prepare for our school traditions like Bread Day and Winter Solstice. Alumni and alumni parents engage with GUS in a variety of ways, including talking to students on a subject area of expertise, playing in or sponsoring our Wild Boar Golf Tournament, to donating an auction item for a spring fundraiser, to regular participation in the GUS Annual Fund, which supports access to the school and excellence in teaching.  

GUS could not be the community it is without the participation and ongoing generosity of its families, past and present, who endorse the school’s mission and values and who endeavor to make GUS an ever more vibrant community.


Grab your clubs for the 2019 Wild Boar Classic Golf Tournament! Save the date, October 7, and learn more.