Educate the whole child and you teach lessons that last a whole lifetime.


The Arts at GUS are expansive.

The school has long enjoyed a reputation as a place where creativity is fostered and children are provided with unlimited opportunities to enhance their creative abilities, whether in the art studio, on the stage, or in the regular academic classroom. From their earliest days at GUS, students take classes in the visual arts, in both vocal and instrumental music, in dance, and in drama. GUS is one of few schools where all students are expected to participate in dance classes. Our hands-on, project oriented curriculum invites students to transfer their creative abilities to the classroom as well.


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Glen Urquhart School’s program was founded in 1977 on an experiential, place-based philosophy that integrated all subjects and created opportunities for students to be passionate in their pursuit of knowledge.


Our Campus

What you might notice first about GUS is our open campus, with nature trails winding through our 23 acres, or our expansive windows that keep every classroom connected to the outside world. 



Physical education and interscholastic sports are vital to fostering well-being, collaboration, and a readiness for competition.