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Whether creating art, music, theater, or dance, GUS students are creating themselves.

The Arts at Glen Urquhart are expansive. The school has long enjoyed a reputation as a place where creativity is fostered and children are provided with unlimited opportunities to enhance their creative abilities, whether in the art studio, on the stage, or in the regular academic classroom. From their earliest days at GUS, students take classes in the visual arts, in both vocal and instrumental music, in dance, and in drama. GUS is one of  few schools where all students are expected to participate in dance classes. Our hands-on, project oriented curriculum invites students to transfer their creative abilities to the classroom as well.

In the lower grades, kindergarten through five, students take regular classes in art, music, and dance, each taught by a specialist with extensive experience in helping children discover and express their creative abilities. In the sixth grade, dance evolves into drama, where their dance skills translate into choreography for their dramatic productions and musicals. By the time they are in eighth grade, the Arts Block curriculum culminates in a student art show that includes oral presentations about their art, a dance recital involving individual and group choreography, and the performance of a Broadway musical in which every eighth grader has a part.

Throughout the school year the creativity of the students is on display through a variety of media. Their paintings and drawings adorn the hallways, their singing and dancing enliven the various assemblies, and their classroom projects demonstrate deeper understanding of such things as skyscrapers and lighthouses. The school’s reputation as a place where children’s creativity is fostered, not squelched, is well deserved.