At the core of our program is the student–and the excitement of discovery.


GUS Pre-K is a full-day, Monday through Friday program for children ages 3 to 5 years old.

These youngest learners come to school with boundless curiosity and an open heart and mind, ready to engage fully with their world as they pose questions, build knowledge, solve problems creatively, and develop relationships with friends and teachers.

Built on the belief that all children have the desire, ability, and motivation to learn about their world, the Pre-K program nurtures children’s natural curiosity by providing an inspiring, supportive, and stimulating learning environment. Students will set out in September to discover themselves as learners, rooted from their earliest days in hands-on, curriculum-driven exploration that makes learning real, tangible, and engaging.


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Academics at GUS

Our campus and the surrounding natural landscape is our laboratory, enmeshed in and inextricable from our place-based, thematic curriculum.


Our Campus

What you might notice first about GUS is our open campus, with nature trails winding through our 23 acres, or our expansive windows that keep every classroom connected to the outside world. 



There are many schools that can prepare children to succeed in life. We are prepping our students to change the world.