Glen Urquhart School strives to create an environment that is welcoming to all.

Guided by our philosophy that children thrive in a nurturing environment where their ideas, feelings, and thoughts are valued, we work to sustain a school where each member of our community feels safe and appreciated. Embedded in our mission, teaching, special events, and traditions is an understanding that differences are a strength of any community. Through their experiences at GUS, students explore their identities and come honestly and openly to know themselves and others as we work to form an equitable school community.

GUS is a community where diversity encompasses multiple dimensions. We invite all and emphasize that a person’s contributions are measured by her or his intent, words, and actions. We provide our students with an opportunity to learn about individuals, families, communities, and cultures different from their own so that they may appreciate and understand the world as an orchestra made vibrant by a variety of instruments. We see the work of engaging with creative tensions as an opportunity to grow as individuals and as a community. As citizens of their school and community, students learn to think critically and develop the skills to advocate for themselves and others. They leave GUS with the compassion and confidence to initiate positive change.

Adopted by the Board of Trustees September 2017