The board of trustees is comprised of dedicated and talented volunteers who represent a wide range of professions and interests.

They are charged with overseeing the financial health of the school, creating policy, hiring and evaluating the head of school, and planning for the future. The board meets eight times a year in full session, and there are several committees that meet on a monthly basis. Trustees are confirmed by the parents of Glen Urquhart School at the Annual Meeting for a three year term, with the exception of the Parents Association representative, who is elected each year. Trustees may serve two consecutive terms, and officers may serve beyond their term limits if elected to do so by the full board.

Executive Committee

George Balich P ’92, ’96, president
Trish Landgren, P ’14, ’17, ’24, vice president
David Patch P ’16, ’19, ’23, vice president
Steve Todd P ’20, ’24, treasurer
Lise Carrigg P ’19, ’26, co-clerk
Melanie D’Orio P ‘20, co-clerk
Gretchen Forsyth P ’25 ’27, interim head of school, ex officio


Jake Bartlett ’87 P ’27
Andrew Brown P ’21
Brooke Carroll P ’17, ’20
Tamah French P ’17 ’20 ’26
Philip Furse P ’16, ’17, ’18, ’20
Kenneth Grant P ’13, ’20
Lisa Kent P ’23 ’26

Peter Mason
Louis Somma
’88 P ’23
Zara-Marie Spooner
Alen Yen
P ’22
Kristin Brown P ’19 ’22 ’26, Parents Association Representative
Lynne Warren P ’82 ’86, Life Trustee, Founder