When minds open, so does the world.

The mission of the Glen Urquhart School GAIN@GUS program is to provide access, free of charge, for 30 students in the cities of Beverly, Lynn, and surrounding areas to academic and recreational summer enrichment. GAIN@GUS extends academic skills in math and language arts through classroom and outdoor experiences and off-campus day trips in the greater Boston area.

More About GAIN@GUS

Glen Urquhart School launched a small academic outreach program called GAIN@GUS in the summer of 2010 with an enrollment of 12 students between the ages of nine and twelve. Since 2010, GAIN expanded the program to include 32 students. Classes are taught by experienced faculty and assisted by GUS alumni interns. GAIN students have access to all the resources of the 23-acre campus. Our program focuses primarily on academic study, including language arts, math, and environmental studies. Mindfulness excercises, movement, swim lessons, and improvisation/public speaking workshops enrich the program. In addition, experiential learning trips once a week deepen the academic study. A nutritious breakfast and lunch and bus transportation are provided daily. The program is free of charge for accepted applicants.

“Since coming to GAIN@GUS, my daughter has opened up more with other kids. And, of course, she has improved in academics. She was already good in math and science, but she needed to improve in reading. Kesia brings a book to GAIN every day and reads during break time here. They are very disciplined in what they expect at GAIN@GUS and that is very good for the children. I am so grateful for this opportunity for her.” — GAIN@GUS Parent

“We have worked with GAIN@GUS for a number of years and it has been a fantastic experience. We have so many students who are academically gifted who don’t always have the opportunity to be pushed or challenged in the way that GAIN@GUS challenges them. The program gives them the opportunity to reach their potential—to see how smart and talented they are. When they are given the opportunity to thrive, it is amazing to see how much they achieve. Most of these children would be spending their summers at home. Instead they are learning and being exposed to so many new things. The fact that they provide breakfast, lunch, and snack is a huge burden off a lot of these families, and providing transportation makes it easy for families to participate. For the students, it is a great self-esteem boost to feel they were chosen for such a special program — that someone thought of them in such a positive way. GAIN@GUS is just a wonderful program.”  — Erin George, Beverly Bootstraps

“GAIN is a good learning experience. It helps you gain new knowledge. When you go back to school, you are ahead and able to help other students. You also make really good friends.” — GAIN@GUS Student, Lynn, MA

“GAIN is a place where you can explore what you already know and push that knowledge further to exercise your brain.” — GAIN@GUS Student, Lynn, MA

“You forget that you are learning on all the field trips. Most of the time you don’t think you are learning, but you are. It kind of tricks your mind.” — GAIN@GUS Student, Beverly, MA


  • Must be school lunch qualified (free or reduced lunch)

  • Must attend the program in full (all 5 weeks, daily)

  • May not be on an IEP for extensive social-emotional, behavioral, or academic support

  • Must be currently performing at or above grade level

A free nutritious breakfast and lunch and bus transportation are provided daily. The program is free of charge for accepted applicants.

GAIN@GUS Summer Partnership + Scholarship Support 

For eight consecutive summers, thanks to the support of corporate and private donors, GAIN@GUS has maintained a consistent and interconnected collaboration between GUS and community-based organizations in Beverly and Lynn. Implicit in the founding goals of the GAIN@GUS summer program is the commitment to enroll a percentage of qualified and deserving students into grades five through eight at Glen Urquhart annually. Partnership gifts and donations to GAIN@GUS Summer Program Fund provide salaries for our summer faculty and staff, transportation, breakfast and lunch daily, classroom supplies, weekly swim lessons, and the cost of exploratory day trips.

"We are pleased to contribute to GAIN@GUS. We see it as an important outreach program that helps children outside of our school community realize their full potential by providing children with educational opportunities and experiences that would not otherwise be available to them. It helps kids visualize a future for themselves that they may not have seen possible had they not participated in GAIN@GUS.” Tim and Emily Collins, GUS P '15, '17

Faculty + Staff

  • Director: Pam McCoy

  • Founder: Leslie Marchesseault

When making a contribution, please consider the following:

  • $28,000: annual scholarship for one GAIN student to attend GUS for one year

  • $5,000: cost of breakfast, lunch, and snacks for the summer program

  • $4,100: cost of offsite summer outings, including transportation

  • $1,200: cost of one child to attend summer program

  • $1,000: cost of meals for one week for all 30 students

  • $300: cost of bus for one field trip

  • $150: cost of swim lessons for one student

  • $75: cost of program supplies for one student

Questions? Contact Pam McCoy, Director, 978-927-1064 x122