Assembly in Honor of Martin Luther King Jr. Day

GUS students participated in a spirited and poignant assembly on Friday, January 20, in honor of Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Students entered Braemar to a video of King’s “I Have a Dream” speech, followed by the fourth and fifth grade chorus singing “Dream Keeper” and echoing phrases from the historic speech. Seventh grade students Eve Gujral and Joely Kessel emceed the assembly, introducing each presenter, beginning with Head of School David Liebmann. Mr. Liebmann offered a personal reflection on growing up in Atlanta following Dr. King’s assassination as well as his thoughts on important historical moments, both past and current, on this day of the presidential inauguration. 

Kindergarten students spoke about civil rights and performed the song “Sing about Martin.” The third graders rose from their seats and sang “We Shall Not Be Moved.” The fourth grade presented stained glass artwork modeled after illustrations in the book Martin’s Big Words while reciting powerful quotes from the text. Second and sixth grade partners shared their reflections on human rights leaders with a slideshow of artwork and quotes. First graders shared their dreams for the world, depicted in “I Have a Dream” flags hung on each side of the stage. After eighth grader Max Gomez passionately presented his Civil Rights–themed White Shirt Project, sixth and seventh graders closed the assembly with a tribute to unity. The sixth grade performed a dance onstage, accompanied by the seventh grade singing “We Shall Overcome.”

Tremendous thanks to Melodie Jeffery-Cassell for organizing the assembly and to all GUS faculty and students who participated and made it such a moving and memorable experience.

Joanna Murphy Scott