Mars Rover Robotics Project

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Mars Rover Robotics Video with 6E


Mars Rover Robotics Video with 6W


Sixth graders designed and engineered Mars “Curiosity” Rovers using LEGO Mindstorms Robotics Systems. To prepare for the project, students learned about the NASA Mars Rover Mission and saw footage of the actual Atlas V rocket launch. They researched technical aspects of the project, including the landscape and environmental conditions of Mars, signs of a habitable environment, and the radioactive plutonium that powers rovers.

With the guidance of computer and mechanical engineer Jo-Ann Gorrell, sixth graders are writing basic code to solve a variety of team missions. They are programming their rover robots to find evidence of water, drill for rock samples, move Mars rocks, and communicate with NASA.

“The project is a terrific way to foster students’ growth in communication, joint problem-solving, and creative design. Students are experiencing the scientific method firsthand while developing resilience and patience and gaining practice in succeeding through teamwork,” commented 6th grade science teacher Zander Auerbach.

Whitney Buckley