New Playground Opens at GUS

It truly took a village to bring this playground to life!

To the many hands that made short work of this project, to those who kept homes running while our volunteers worked away, to those who helped feed our volunteers, to those who supplied materials or services, and to those who financially supported the project: thank you.

This project would not be possible without the hard work and dedication of our volunteer project managers:

  • George Balich, TR, P ’92’96, GP’22’25

  • Andrew Brown, TR, P’21

  • Nick Kent ’91 & P’23’26

Thank you to:

GUS Families

Dan +  Jennifer Mayer P’19

Tom Bernardi P’22’24

Shaun + Sydney Clarke FA, P’18’20

Craig + Lindsay Calef ST, ’99

Jason + Shelly Sevinor P’27’29

Loren Morgan + MaryAnne Benevento P’14’15

Vendors + Friends of GUS

Leading supporters:

Benevento Companies

Carpenters Local Union 339

Mayer Tree

The Bagel Shop

Bobcat of Boston

Harold Burnham

Steve Falvey, Regional Council Representative New England Carpenters Union

Corliss Bros. Garden Center

Henry’s Market

Ted Hoague Excavation

PR Russell

Salem Plumbing

Super Subs Beverly

Waters + Brown


Courtney Anastasia-Murphy, FA

Jared Bartok P’25’23

Amy Billings, FA

Marc Gallo

Karianna Brace, FA, P’22’24

Elliott Buck, FA

Whitney Buckley, ST, P’28

Evan Cavanaugh

Lise Carrigg, TR, P’19’26

Bob + Brooke, TR, Carroll P’17’20

Ann-Marie Ciaraldi, FA, P’22

Kat Brown P’17’19

Daryl Colden, TR, and Kristin Tallman P’17’19

Olivia Colden ’17

Amy Connors P’22’24’28

Alyson DeMerchant

Martha Delay, ST, P’19’21

Melanie D’Orio, TR, P’20

Chris Doyle, FA P’27

Bruce Emerson, FA, P’04’06

Ric Faitella P’24’28

John Feerick P’23’28

Seth Ferracane P’27

Julie Finn, ST

Matt Fogelgren P’16’20’22

Will Fogelgren ’20

Mary Ellen Frechette, ST

Marc Gallo

Kirk + Gretchen, FA, Forsyth P’25’27

Rob Fortune P’15’21

Will French GP’17’20’26

Philip Furse TR, P’16’17’18’20

Kristie Gonzalez ST, P’24’27

Chandlee Gore P’22’24

Kenny Grant TR, P’13’20,

Nancy Hartman, ST

Heather Hazel P’20’22

Mollie Hoopes P’05’08’14

Carol Hong P’19’25

Kitty Hunt, ST

Sharon Hydren P’00

Marty Johnson P’27

Lisa Kent P’23 ’26

Sandra Klee P’21

Oliver Klein + Jodi Klein, TR, P’19

Alex + Emily Kontos P’21’27’27

Tom Kotwicki ST, P’18’21

Kristian Kristensen P’18’22

Bo Lamb P’29

Mark + Trish, TR, Landgren P’17’24

Anders Landgren ’17

Jon Leavitt ’84, P’20’21

David Liebmann, Head of School

Jon Loring P’20’22’24

Lori Lutton P’22

Carl Graves, TR, + Julia Mahoney-Graves P’19’20

Dave Marro

Liam McCarthy P’25

Pam McCoy, FA

Anita Meyer P’21

Adin Murray P’26

Raymond Nance P’99, Former Head of School

Walter van Buskirk P’27

John Newcomer P’19,’22

Michael + Susanna Noon P’26’28

Lucy Noyes P’21

Rachel Obremski P’24

Sean O’Connor P’17’21

Jack O’Malley GP ’22

Tanya O’Malley P’22

David, TR, + Deirdre Patch P’16’19’23

Joe Phillips P’24

Will Popadic P’26

Grant Proops and Tamah French, TR, P’17’20’26

Lincoln Proops ’17

John Reeder P’27

Jason + Emily Reulet P’19’21’22’25

Don + Lisa, TR, Romanelli P’13’19

Jason Russell P’24’27’28

Emily Rabinowitz Buchanan, ST, P’26’28

John + Joanne Sheridan P’21

Holly Shepherd P’21’24’26

Louis Somma ’88 P’23

Dianne Stephan P’20

Howard Stern + Holly Harrington Stern P’25’27

Stephen, TR, + Linda Todd P’20’24

Kim Tompkins P’20

Dan + Andrea Toulouse P’24

Nathan Towne-Smith P’22

Dan Urbanczyk P’23’24

David Walor P’19’23

Ellis Weber-Provost ’16

Kristen Weber P’16’19

Alen Yen TR, P’22

Marika Whitaker P’20’22

Janelle Young, FA

Emily Shortt

Kelly Zaval, FA

Thank you also to the Many Donors at GUSFest 2018!




Arthur + Paula Blume P’23’25

David Cancel + Lise Carrigg, TR, P’19’26

Bob + Brooke, TR, Carroll P’17’20

Phil, TR, + Donna Furse P’16’17’18’20

Carl Graves, TR, + Julia Mahoney-Graves P’19’20

Marc + Heather Hazel P’20’22

Mark + Trish, TR, Landgren P’17’24


Jay + Leslie McNiff P’15


Craig + Heidi Gorton P’19’22

Paul + Catherine Stanley GP’26

Steve, TR, + Linda Todd P’20’24


David, TR, + Deirdre Patch P’16’19’23

Grant Proops + Tamah French, TR, P’17’20’26


Shaun + Sydney, FA, Clarke P’18’20

Kenneth Grant, TR, + Carolyn Paczkowska P’13’20

Dan + Jennifer Mayer P’19

Greg + Sallie Pottle P'15'19

Don and Lisa Romanelli P'13'19

David + Tara Walor P’19’23


Louis Culot + Chelsea Mack P’25’27

Josh + Christy, FA, Doxsee P’22’25

Nick ’91 + Lisa Kent P’23’26

Timothy Kniker + Kara Peters P’21’21

Alen Yen, TR, and Cheryl Tivey P’22


Matt + Kim Fogelgren P’16’20’25

Chadlee Gore P’22’24

Alexander + Emily Kontos P’21’27’27

Candace Thompson ‘20


Ric + Kim Faitella P’24’28

Bob + Judy Gore GP’22’24


Dan + Kristin Brown P’19’22’26

Elliot Buck, FA

Maggie Clark, FA

Martha Delay ST, P’19’22

Chris + Laura Doyle, FA, P’27

Kirk + Gretchen, FA, Forsyth P’25’27

Nat + Jodi Gorton GP’19’22

David Liebmann, Head of School

Roger + Joanne Mercaldi P’23’26

Joanna Murphy Scott, ST

Tanya O’Malley P’22

Michael + Carlotta Patten P’20

Andrew Preston P’17

Julie Preston P’17

Gregory + Lisa Sweatt P’25

We take great care to ensure the information contained herein is accurate and complete.  Despite efforts to avoid errors or omissions, they do occasionally occur. If you believe your name has been omitted or listed incorrectly, please contact Martha Delay, Director of Advancement at (978) 927-1064 or

Whitney Buckley