Chickens. Pigs. Cows. Goats. Kids. Working seamlessly together.

The 6th grade students recently journeyed to East Hill Farm in Troy, New Hampshire.

All year long, the kids have explored the theme of "The People" and how groups of citizens work together. Our trip to the farm provided the perfect chance to learn more about teamwork, and how farmers around the world collectively work to provide nourishment for us all.

The students spent three beautiful, brisk days working the farm and learning what hard effort it takes to keep everything running smoothly. When we arrived, there was still snow on the ground, but over the course of the week, spring peeked through the flakes and the students were able to enjoy some sunshine. They hauled hay bails, groomed horses, milked cows and goats, fed slop to the pigs, and more. From the moment they woke up, to the very last meal of the day, the students took care of the animals at the farm under the careful guidance of the instructors at EHF.

While doing the strenuous and often dirty work on the farm, from shoveling manure to sweeping stalls, the sixth-grade students only had positive things to say about what they were doing. Without any complaints, they committed themselves to service and to learning skills they will carry with them into their futures. They also learned to work with ingredients to create foods like cheese, butter, bread, and ice cream. In addition, they explored traditional methods for candlemaking. The students participated in thoughtful activities and games that centered around the population of the earth and consumption of earth's resources. They were responsible, mature, and loving toward the animals. They felt connected to the productivity of the farm and enjoyed contributing to the community. We couldn't be more proud of what they accomplished on their trip.

These will surely be memories to cherish. 

Katie Blynn