Growth + Change: May Head of School Letter

Spring is a time of new growth and change, and so it is with GUS. After three years of transformative growth including enrollment increases, the successful launch of the Pre-Kindergarten program, the 40+Forward all-school reunion, new faces among faculty and staff, classroom upgrades, and the building of a new playground, I leave the school in June to Interim Head of School Gretchen Forsyth, who will carry the work forward. Working closely together all winter and spring, we believe GUS is in a very strong position to continue to deliver on its mission and serve the children and families of the school. There is abundant energy and momentum at GUS, and we feel very positively about the future potential of the school and its strategic directions.

All of you have received the 2019-2024 Glen Urquhart School Strategic Plan. This document, created through the leadership of the Board of Trustees in collaboration with faculty, staff, and current and past parents defines some of the work that has already begun under my tenure and that will be continued under Gretchen’s direction.

I was honored to work with the trustees and faculty to help develop the Strategic Plan. As Assistant Head, Gretchen played a critical role in determining goals and areas of focus with the teachers. She is especially skilled at facilitating discussion and building consensus with the faculty, whom she has known and worked so closely with for a decade now, a full quarter of the school’s existence. I have every confidence that Gretchen will steward the school well in this interim period. I know she will lead GUS forward with energy and enthusiasm.

Trust and Go Forward,

David Liebmann

David Liebmann