It’s one thing for children to know the right answer. It’s another for them to ask the bigger questions.

Ask any of today’s leading educational gurus (as well as the world’s top universities and employers) and you’ll hear what we have always known: in today’s world, people need to be able to use both sides of their brain and synthesize knowledge across many disciplines.

What does that mean for our students? It means a strong academic foundation is essential, but not nearly enough. Our program is built on posing questions, making meaning, and solving problems creatively. How does one discipline inform another? Where do literature, science, mathematics, language, music, art, and history intersect? This integration is the very essence of our interdisciplinary curriculum.

Financial aid

An important part of the founding philosophy of Glen Urquhart School was to provide an education to children from a range of economic backgrounds. The school remains firmly committed to that value. To that end, over $1 million of tuition assistance is provided to families who have a demonstrated need.

Applications for financial aid are processed by the School and Student Services for Financial Aid. Financial aid applications and accompanying forms (most recent income tax) must be submitted by February 28th in order for your family to be considered for a financial aid award for the next school year. 

School and Student Services for Financial Aid reviews each application and sends a report about the family’s economic profile to the school. The report also includes a recommendation as to what the family can afford to pay for tuition. The school makes the final decision about aid after taking into account the SSS recommendation, the school’s ability to provide aid, and the individual circumstances of each particular family.

Please confirm your intention to apply for financial aid to the Director of Admission Kristie Gonzalez at 978-927-1064, ext. 115 or by written letter. If a grant can be made, it will be awarded with the invitation to enroll at the school.