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At GUS, the sky’s the limit...

It takes consistent, deep, and broad support from all corners of our community to maintain and improve the GUS we all know and love!

On behalf of the Advancement Team, our faculty, staff, and students, we express our deep appreciation for the generous support of parents, alumni, parents of alumni, grandparents and friends. The Advancement Team is responsible for maintaining and furthering the school’s mission through fundraising, alumni relations, and special events. We welcome your interest and thank you for your commitment to the dynamic and distinctive education that is Glen Urquhart School. 

We are grateful for the many ways families and individuals have participated in and enriched the life of the school. From engaging in volunteer opportunities both on and off campus, to supporting our kids and programs, your efforts and generosity are always inspiring! View the 2017-2018 Report of Giving.

Give Now!

What is the GUS Fund?

The GUS Fund is a collection of unrestricted gifts—contributions from our generous community of alumni, parents, former trustees, faculty, staff, and friends—that enables Glen Urquhart Schoolto meet the most pressing current needs of its programs, teachers, and students. As with most independent schools, Glen Urquhart uses these funds to offset expenses in the operating budget, including teacher salaries and benefits, professional development, books and materials, facility maintenance, and other basic operational needs. The school can only balance its operating budget through a successful annual giving campaign. The GUS Fund continues to be our number one fundraising priority.

Why does Glen Urquhart School need to raise money?

All independent schools rely on annual fund gifts to help meet and offset operating costs in an effort to avoid being overly reliant on tuition. Without this additional support, we simply could not offer the extraordinary educational experiences that our students enjoy.

No independent school charges what it actually costs to teach a child. Most families want their children to receive everything they can by way of experiences and academic resources. The more we can raise, the more GUS students benefit.

What does the GUS Fund support?  

Unrestricted gifts to the GUS Fund help the school:

  • Retain and recruit talented and dedicated teachers

  • Keep classes small, ensuring increased intellectual stimulation and higher achievement

  • Defray the cost of each student’s tuition and strengthen the financial aid program

  • Offer enriching opportunities encompassing everything from arts to athletics, field trips, and service trips

  • Respond to new challenges and new opportunities

  • Maintain the environmental sustainability of our campus and facilities

How can my gift make a difference?  

Given its small size (by design), GUS has many fewer people to reach out to for help than a larger school or organization. Because our numbers are small but our need is great, every gift counts that much more.

Who is asked to contribute to the GUS Fund?

Every member of the small yet mighty GUS extended community is asked to support GUS with a gift to the GUS Fund:  current parents, trustees, faculty and staff, alumni parents, grandparents, former trustees, and alumni. We are grateful to one and all for their participation in moving the school forward.

When will I be asked to give?

Typically, individuals and families are contacted beginning in October. Once an individual or family makes a gift, they are not solicited again in the school year, although pledge reminder notices are sent out until pledges are completed. The GUS Fund runs on a fiscal year calendar from July 1 through June 30.

How much does GUS expect me, a parent in the school, to give?

We hope each family can find a way to participate, stretch, and make a gift consistent with their means.  Every gift makes a difference to GUS. Gifts from all families are important to the school. Giving is an active endorsement of the GUS educational experience! 

Does your company offer a matching gift program? Check out this handy list to see if it does!

How do alumni participate or make contributions?

Alumni are asked to participate in the GUS Fund each year. GUS values its relationships with alumni and appreciates their willingness to give back to the place that nurtured and provided for them during their elementary and middle school years. Our alumni, numbering nearly 1,000 strong, are always welcome at GUS and encouraged to find meaningful ways, through “work, wealth, and wisdom,” to give back to the life of GUS today.