Reflections from Winaukee

Upper School Retreat 2019

The annual upper school retreat has been a GUS tradition for over 20 years. For the last 10 of them, the upper school, including all teachers and students, have ventured to Camp Winaukee, in Moultonborough, NH. Earlier this month, our students and faculty made the trip north for two days of togetherness and fun.

Student reflections:

My favorite part of Winaukee was swimming and paddleboarding. I liked paddleboarding because the water was warm and I liked swimming because we got to jump off the docks and there were tubes. I also liked watching the sunrise.
— Annie, 6th grade
I really enjoyed the campfire songs and stories. It was nice to all be together and just have fun.
— Caitlyn, 7th grade
The thing that surprised me the most was how easily bonds were formed with other students from other grades. Not getting to choose your groups or what table you ate at was one of the biggest factors. Being forced to eat with someone new is a blessing in disguise. I talked to so many people I had never met before and now I feel like I know the community Iā€™m a part of just a little bit more.
— Lucy, 8th grade
My favorite part of Winaukee this year was taking pictures. I was out of most activities because of an injury, but I really enjoyed walking around at the campsite watching all of the grades together and taking pictures. It was like I was experiencing it from the outside. I got to see everyone making memories and that was special to me. It was a good year to end on.
— Max, 8th grade
I think the food (at Winaukee) surprised me the most. I thought it would be gross, but it was really good!
— Minna, 6th grade