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Posted on Wednesday, September 5, 2018
GAIN@GUS “campers” from Beverly and Lynn are going back to school this September with enhanced academic skills and new experiences gathered from across the North Shore. This summer the academic and recreational program at Glen Urquhart School, GAIN@GUS, brought together young scholars, from ages 9-13 for five weeks of fun with friends, language arts and math curriculum, and confidence grown through a supportive environment. Pamela McCoy, the GAIN@GUS Director says, “It has... Read More
Posted on Monday, September 3, 2018
From left: Karianna Brace, Cara Tommasino, Polly Pfau, Courtney Anastasia-Murphy, and Tamara Villalva Garcia. Five experienced educators have newly joined the Glen Urquhart School faculty. Bringing expertise in language arts and literacy, Spanish, early learning, and science, GUS is delighted to welcome such talented individuals to enrich the educational experience of students. Courtney Anastasia-Murphy joins the upper school as a Learning Specialist. She is a graduate of Northfield Mount... Read More
Posted on Thursday, June 21, 2018
The Glen Urquhart School graduates of the Class of 2018 were awarded their diplomas on June 13 with a commencement ceremony filled with bagpipe playing, processionals, hand-crafted floral “tussie mussies,” choral arrangements, and personal introductions of each graduating student shared by Head of School David Liebmann. GUS Class of 2010 alumni, Hannah Becker and Jacob Fucci, delivered addresses encouraging their younger peers to “be uncomfortable and seek opportunities for... Read More
Posted on Wednesday, June 20, 2018
Head of School David Liebmann, Former Heads of School Raymond Nance and Don Grace, and Founder Lynne Warren Glen Urquhart School, the independent Pre-K to grade eight school in Beverly Farms celebrated its fortieth year on the North Shore with a “40 + Forward” All-School Reunion and Celebration on June 8 and 9. The two-day event kicked off with a reception on Friday evening and was followed by a gathering on Saturday that featured historical walking tours, reflections from Head... Read More
Posted on Thursday, May 31, 2018
The Passing of the Tartan occurs at the close of Evening with the Graduates. If you haven’t experienced that event, a meaningful GUS tradition awaits you. Eighth graders circle around seventh graders in Braemar, holding candles and bearing tartan scarves and ties, the mantles of leadership and insignias of history. The older students bestow the Urquhart tartans on the rising eighth graders, who step up to take their place at the apex of the student experience, adolescents on the edge of... Read More
Posted by By Elliott Buck, Second Grade Teacher on Tuesday, May 8, 2018
Cultivating self-awareness, confidence, and emotional intelligence are essential to a child’s success in school. We are teaching children how the brain and body work together as well as  healthy habits and lifelong skills for coping with stress. GUS second graders benefit from practicing yoga and mindfulness as part of their daily routine, which directly supports and enhances the second grade social-emotional curriculum. Mindfulness techniques encourage our second graders to explore... Read More
Posted on Friday, May 4, 2018
And here we are! Spring has finally, finally arrived on the Glen Urquhart School campus. I know, after a successful Spring Work Day, when we planted beds, repainted the hopscotch and four square areas, started a wattle fence around the newly claimed 3rd grade medieval garden, and planted new screening plants in front of the Temple Building, the old maintenance garage of the Spaulding Brothers gardens, c.1910! Check those projects off the spring to-do list! What else told me spring had come?... Read More
Posted by By Director of Upper School, Gretchen Forsyth on Friday, April 13, 2018
Monday is Patriots’ Day, and though our 8th graders will be off on their service week trips, the spirit of patriotism has been very much alive in their classrooms these last few weeks. Most of us, I suspect, forget the historical significance of celebrating those rebellious colonists on this day in April. Instead, it’s a great day to head into the city for a Sox game or to watch the Boston Marathon. Yet, the spirit of revolution this day commemorates is as important now as it ever... Read More
Posted by By Upper School Science Teachers Emilie Cushing and Jen Mallette on Friday, April 6, 2018
“Look! Look! Over there! Up in that tree!” stage-whispers a 7th grader, who has just discovered a red-tailed hawk. “Words like these are music to a science teacher’s ears,” Emilie Cushing confides, “and we upper school science teachers at GUS get to be part of these types of conversations every day. Being at a school that encourages exploration and stepping outside of comfort zones motivates us to be just as curious as our students. It has been exciting to... Read More
Posted by David Liebmann, Head of School on Friday, March 30, 2018
The snow from Nor’easters #3 and #4 is finally melting away, and the crocuses and snow drops are pushing up through the newly revealed soil, especially in the south-facing border by the entrance to the lower school. Red-winged blackbirds are starting to appear and the dawn chorus of black-capped chickadees and tufted titmice is beginning to sing. The Nature Trail is being cleared of winter debris and the wetlands are free of ice. The signs of spring have come to the North Shore and to our... Read More